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ENGLISH Hot Shorts

ENGLISH Hot Shorts

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Chunky shorts knitted from yarn scraps

Yarn and materials
300-600 g scrap yarn
(Circular) needle 6 mm ( 60 cm), Circular needle 8 mm ( 60 cm)
Crochet hook
Elastic waistband / cord

Tension gauge swatch: 10 stitches in garter stitch on needle 8 mm = 10 cm

Measurements of finished shorts (cm)
Size x-small (small) medium (large) x-large
Waist 60 (70) 80 (90) 100 cm
Hips 100 (110) 120 (130) 140 cm

About the work
The shorts are worked from the bottom to the top back and forth in garter stitch. The shorts are worked in 4 pieces. You crochet the pieces together at the end.
To finish the shorts you pick up stitches along the top edge and work a running gait for elastic band / string.

The shorts are supposed to be high waisted and thigh short with an oversize fit and chunky look.
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