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Forget the cardigan

Forget the cardigan

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Recommended needles: 8 mm Recommended crochet hook: 5 mm

Approx. 400-1200 gram scrap yarn


10 sts in garter sts (knit on all rows) using needles 8mm = 10cm


1, 2, 3, 4

Finished measurements approx.: Circumference: 102 (110) 118 (128)cm

Length approx.: 60 (62) 64 (66)cm

About the pattern

The name for the Forget-Me-Not Cardigan is a tribute to one of my favorite flowers, which brings back childhood memories of watching them emerge in my parents’ garden despite the cool springs. I completely forgot the cardigan during my maternity bubble, it laid neatly folded at the bottom of the closet, almost ready for the pattern to be release. Fortunately, I found it again and was able to finish the pattern. The name serves as a reminder to use our forgotten yarn scraps as well as the clothes hiding in the back of the closet.

The cardigan is worked back and forth, bottom-up, in garter stitch using 8 mm needles. Garter stitch refers to knit sts on both the right and wrong side.

Start out by working the front and back pieces as one, divide the work into 3 sections, and finish the back piece and the 2 front pieces separately. Thereafter, the sleeves are worked bottom-up and sown/crocheted to the armhole openings. The cardigan is finished with a ribbed edge lining the edges. The cardigan has a cozy fit and approx. 10 cm of positive ease.

Note: Garter stitch tends to stretch when used, please keep this in mind when choosing your size.


I alternate between working with 1 or 2 strain(s) held together. I used Drops Snow by itself and a mix of different types of yarn. For instance, combine 1 strain suitable for 5 mm needles together with 1 strain suitable for 3 mm needles or 2 strains suitable for 4/5 mm needles held together. Make sure to explore different combinations when working your gauge swatch. On my website, I have created a guide on how to work with yarn scraps. Read it before you start working, if you need any advice.

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Customer Reviews

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Spændende strik i rester

Savnede lidt mere størrelsesguide, syntes modellen i Frejas video havde mere vidde end mit resultat. Go’ guide i at sortere garn ift tykkelser 👍

Susanne Susser Hartvigsen

Super fed opskrift

Tina Rasmussen
Perfekt opskrift

Perfekt opskrift blev sendt hurtigt og nemt

Mette Schütze Erichsen
Nem og hurtig

Let forståelig opskrift.
Strikkede den på en uge.

Jonna Larsen

Rigtig nem og forståelig opskrift.
Resultat, en rigtig fin cardigan, som jeg er mega glad for